Saturday, July 29, 2006

Huda Orfali: A Creative Writer

Huda Orfali, author of the published books "Blue Fire", "Flower in The Cold" and "Fisher Prince", and co-author of the "Acorn Gathering", offers stories of people learning to deal with the harsh realities of life and death.

Relying heavily on dialogue, Orfali shows people who must confront unexpected changes, including some tragic changes. The characters range from a schoolboy, to a doctor to a vampire. Most of the key characters welcome death as the alternative option. Too sick and overloaded to live, they reject life and look for an eternal remedy. A remedy that imposes itself on you and leaves you with the arrogant satisfied feeling that YOU have made the decision.

Orfali gives a devastatingly honest view of life’s cruelty, yet brings optimism to that view. However, she does so without giving easy, contrived solutions. She also does so with charming characters and believable dialogue. Orfali’s collection enriches our understanding of the human nature, which teeters along a scale that hosts absolute love on one end and disgusting horror on the other. She gives realistic glimpses of harsh realities in our lives; still, she celebrates the strength of humanity and triumph of love.

Orfali got her start in literature when she was just eight years old. From there, Orfali's path to publication quickly commenced first in Arabic magazines and newspapers; later on websites. She published her first book Blue Fire in 1999 and her second book Flower in The Cold in 2000. She also co-authored a fundraiser for cancer with fellow American writers entitled The Acorn Gathering.The world of her fiction is similar to her world. Many stories reflect in an indirect way a personal experience.

The characters of her fiction are always traumatized but they have the inner strength to defy their disabilities and live an accomplished life. They transcend life and assert their identity through living up to the choices they have to make, sometimes at the expense of their own lives.

Her newly published book Fisher Prince, is a collection of poetry and short stories, exploreing the complexities of human society through the form of lyric poem. Reflecting Orfali’s interests and inspiration, the poems employ various speakers to portray the nuances of human experience. The creative impulse for the poems is equally idealistic and humanitarian for the large part. The poems are predominantly concerned with social and political issues that contribute to universal well being and to the common good.

Having grown up in the Middle East, an area torn apart by war, violence and centuries old hatred, she focuses her intense poetic scrutiny on the terrors of war and the struggle for peace.

The poem “Friendly Fire” portrays the universal journey toward peace as one fraught with difficulties and bloodshed – yet the journey is ultimately successful. Peace ultimately will triumph bringing forth a new beginning. Similarly, the poem “Share Jerusalem” envisions a time of peace in Jerusalem in which divided groups embrace each other and forgive the pain and injury of the past. Peace is elusive but attainable.

She revisited her own mythology the “Fisher Prince” and transformed it into an epic poem. It is the title poem for this book. It is the ultimate battle against tyranny and celebration of freedom and the human spirit. “Waters” and “Another Storm” are tributes to the victims of the Tsunami and hurricane Katrina.

The “Fisher Prince – Wake Up Your Destiny”, DVD was officially released February 16, 2006. The film offers a surround sound musical score by Teo Graca and original footage from the Fritz Lang’s 1927 classic film “Metropolis”. It offers contributions from top industry production professionals and moves the audience gently through the epic story of the demise of the gods of old and the creation of a single god that comes to protect the human race. It is a new story with classic film footage and an awesome sound-track. Orfali's poem Fisher Prince - The Heavenly Birth is featured in the DVD.